Testing for Sexually Transmitted Diseases (Std's)

In case you are sexually active this aspect of the visit is especially important. It is believed half of all Americans are experiencing an intimate (sexually) transmitted disease, or STD, at some point in their lives. STD’s are far more common than many people think, and no one is considered to be immune.

All STD’s differ, there are distinct examinations that your provider will perform. Listed below are the methods which are used to test for STD’s:

Physical examination– Your provider will examine your genitals and/or anus to look for signs of infections, such things as a rash, discharge, sores or warts.

Blood sample – A blood sample may be ordered. This can be drawn at a local lab.

Discharge or cell sample from the vagina – A swab will be used to collect a sample that will be sent to a lab for evaluation.

Urine sample – A urine test can sometimes be used to check for some sexually transmitted infection, ask your provider for details.

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