The importance of Annual Exams

Even if you don’t have any health concerns, an annual exam is recommended once per year since one of the most important benefits of an annual exam will be the prevention of physical health problems from developing. An annual medical exam also allows for the detection of new diseases as well as treatments for any existing health conditions. Therefore, it’s imperative to schedule these brief annual visits to take care of your overall health. Ultimately it can save you money, time and even more importantly, your way of life.

Scheduling and Preparation

Make certain to schedule the annual exam when you’re not on your period.
Write down any questions or concerns you might have relating to your health, so that you can discuss them with your health provider.
Keep on top of your last menstrual period and how old you were when you had your very first period.
Avoid intercourse, douching or inserting anything into the vagina two days prior to the exam.

Getting to the Office

When you initially reach our office, you will be required to complete a medical history form which includes all pertinent information about your health. Once you have completed your health background form, you will have your vital signs (weight, temperature, height, pulse, and blood pressure levels) checked and get prepared to see your provider.

The Visit

During your visit with your health provider, the following exams and issues will probably be addressed depending on your current health issue and concerns:

• Review health history and medications
• Discussion of any concerns
• A full physical exam, including breast and pelvic exam and testing for sexually transmitted infections and pap if needed
• You may be given an order for other labs or tests

Discussion along with your Health Provider

Now is the time that you discuss the findings of this visit together with your health provider. This is an excellent time for you to discuss different birth control methods and any questions you may have with regards to your exam.

Any tests ordered during your visit will typically have results available within 7-10 days. All abnormal results will be communicated for you via your preferred means of contact. Some test results may require a follow-up visit with our office to discuss further treatment or testing that may be needed.

For those who have questions or perhaps wish to make a scheduled appointment, please contact us at 320-669-2662.